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Quick and clean Magento ecommerce

Posted On: 10, Jun, 2014
If you’re a small or medium sized business new on the scene or indeed just new to online activity then Magento is the open-source solution that offers you the best way forwar... read more

Pillars of Vital Concept’s WordPress Development

Posted On: 09, Jun, 2014
Our keen blog-readers will know that we at Vital Concept are pretty keen on singing the praises of WordPress web design and what it can offer customers. But whilst we recommend... read more

Even the smallest change can increase your sales

Posted On: 05, Jun, 2014
If you’re an ecommerce business, either established or newly emerging, you can quickly find yourself in a bit of a lull. Once the site is up and running with a fairly steady ...
Posted in eCommerce
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Make Your Website Stand Out From the Crowd

Posted On: 19, May, 2014
Everyone is going on line, and of course it makes perfect sense to do so – the internet is the perfect place to access masses of people quickly and effectively – and if you... read more

Is It Time to Adopt a Responsive Website?

Posted On: 14, May, 2014
The world of online access is moving, literally, it’s on the move. Mobile, fluid, transient and on the go; online access has never been so easy to access and flexibility of u... read more

How to configure ecommerce tracking in your Google analytics

Posted On: 30, Apr, 2014
If you have an online ecommerce presence and want to get the most out of it, doing so is more than just displaying items and having a purchase function. That will be a good sta... read more