Mobile traffic accounted for 32% of site visits on Cyber Monday this year, a 45% increase from 2012! Is your Ecommerce website geared up for mobile visitors?

In today’s fast paced and transient world of busy lives and busy schedules, accessing what you need on the go and at the click of the button is an unquestionable necessity, and we guarantee you that 2014 is going to be no different. That is why we have been working with our clients to ensure their eCommerce web design is accessible and flexible, with successful results including increased traffic and of course increased profits.

When so much eCommerce activity takes place on mobile technology, it is absolutely essential that you have a responsive eCommerce website that caters to the needs of your current and potential customers; allowing them to manage their purchases on the go. It needn’t be difficult to ensure that your website design is compatible for mobile access, with the right tools and techniques and guidance it is simple but truly effective. If you need your site to be responsive, Magento eCommerce solutions are definitely one of the most highly recommended tools for making sure that the online purchasing process is slick, professional and reliable for your customers.

Flexibility and compatibility of format is absolutely crucial to take into consideration the varying formats and platforms on which people access mobile technology – failing to do this could easily exclude a whole demographic from your customer base.

Ensuring the product browsing, shopping basket management, access to promotions and checkout processes are all easy to navigate and safe to use are key requirements for a mobile website design that Magento provides in a simple and manageable format. It also allows you to retain control and monitor the use of your website and the impact it is having on your business.

Lastly, people shop first and foremost with their vision; whether on the high street or on line, so the visual appeal of the environment is essential – more so for an ecommerce website development, as the finesse of a website can be the fundamental deciding factor for whether a customer feels confident enough to part with their card details.

So our top 5 tips for getting your eCommerce web presence ready for mobile custom in 2014 are:

1.    Know what you want to get out of mobile eCommerce technology
2.    Use the right tools and techniques develop your website design
3.    Think about the flexibility of format for multiple platforms
4.    Ensure the user experience is seamless and professional
5.    Remember the visual appeal

Posted on 06 Jan 2014