The Impact of Web Design on SEO and Branding

Anyone who has dabbled in web design even a little bit will tell you that designing a website is not just about presenting a pretty face – it’s about connecting a host of different dots to make sure that your online presence can be found, enjoyed and appreciated time and again.

A website’s lifeblood is its visitors. No matter what you do, your user, or prospective visitor, is going to dictate how successful your website is. A good website design is one which appeals to the eye, is easy to use and which has genuinely worthwhile content. Good web design encourages return visitation –simple.

Content also matters a huge deal – not just in terms of how it directly affects your audience, but how it can be picked up on by Google. Genuinely engaging and well-written content not only establishes you as an authority, but also shows Google that you genuinely care.

The far-reaching effects of web design, too, should never be ignored – web design created and implemented with ease of use in mind will impact upon how your visitors will want to use other websites – movements in mobile responsiveness and changes to navigational standards have only accelerated so much because this idea of a streamlined UI has become the common standard.

SEO is heavily impacted by web design – it’s not just about keywords any more. The file names you use, local tags, the amount of content you publish, the links you provide – all of this falls into the very core of basic web design. Web design and SEO, if they are to be worthwhile, should come hand-in-hand. What use is a great-looking website if no one is going to see it?

Branding is also hugely important in web design – you need to strike a unique chord with your audience. You need to show who you are in a way that still retains a focus on ease of use and richness of content. Never be afraid to go too left-field, but never go completely with the crowd.

Finally, consider conversion rates – great web design keeps people on the page – and gets new people to find such pages quicker and easier. Engaging content, verifiable and worthwhile links and a great UI will encourage people to come back time and again – and will also ensure that you scale the heights of those all-important Google rankings.

Posted on 26 Mar 2018