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Let’s say you’ve bought a car recently. What if a tyre goes flat? What if you simply need to clean the windscreen? Are you really going to want to go back and forth to a professional to do these tasks for you? Of course not – it’s a waste of time and even a waste of money. The same goes for websites – but with a CMS design – or Content Management System – you’re in complete control of what goes up on your website and what comes down, 24/7.


Here at Vital Concept, we believe in granting more power to our clients. We’re always here to help discuss features, to build web designs and to help maintain certain services for our partners, but you may wish to keep a certain amount of control over maintaining your website. No problem at all! We lead with a number of different CMS platforms to empower you and to put you in the driving seat – one of the most popular platforms we use is WordPress, which is highly versatile and feature-rich. Want new plug-ins or themes? Go for it! What if your branding and colours change? You can make amends when they suit you.

A WordPress CMS design will give you the opportunity to manage your uploaded content such as images, videos, content, links, blogs and even the look and feel of your whole site. We’ll take the reins for as much as you like when setting up, but if you’d like the freedom to mould and shape your web design to your tastes later on, a CMS platform will grant you that power day and night. We will develop custom templates and stylesheets to accommodate future changes, and will also provide you with the expertise you need to get started. Whether we’re looking at WordPress or Joomla, let’s get you walking and then set you off running.

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