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Dominate the Rankings with Search Engine Optimisation

Is your web site lonely and struggling to attract visitors? Then you need our help. With the Vital Concept Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service, we will transform your underperforming, unnoticed web site into a powerful sales tool that ranks high in the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Every day, millions of people rely on search engines to direct them to the web sites they need. So if you want your web site to attract new customers and boost your profits, you have to have high search engine rankings. Ideally, you need to be listed on the first page of results. Competition for high rankings is fierce, but with our professional SEO Services, we can give your web site the best chance of success.

If you’ve not heard of website optimisation before, let us explain. To provide users with relevant results, the search engines run calculations that look at the content and structure of your site. If your content and code score high, your web site will have a better ranking in the results. Crafting your code and content to meet the ever-changing criteria of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc., is called website optimisation.

Achieving a high rank for your web site is not easy, especially for more competitive terms. But with professional SEO services from Vital Concept, you can make sure your web site features high in a wide range of relevant searches.

At Last! An Internet Marketing Agency that Focuses on the Long-Term

If you do a search for ‘web marketing company’, you will find several businesses that promise to get you a page 1 ranking. But when you are choosing a search engine optimization agency, you need to think carefully about the type of investment you want to make. Let us explain.

For many web sites, it is possible to achieve a page 1 ranking fairly quickly. But the way in which this is achieved may mean that while your web optimisation has been successful, the high ranking may not last for long. And so you will soon need to re-invest in more web optimisation.

A good search engine optimization agency understands that cost-effective SEO requires a short-term and long-term strategy. Importantly, they need to be aware of trends in the industry, so that they do not implement short-term fixes that are likely to be penalised as the search engines evolve.

At Vital Concept, we don’t just consider ourselves to be a good web marketing company – we believe we are up there with the very best.

Our website optimisation specialists have their fingers on the pulse of the Internet marketing world. They understand how the search engines work and know the latest SEO techniques that will give your web site the edge.

Working closely with you and your staff, our web developers skillfully adjust your web pages so that they:

  • Comply with web standards
  • Are keyword rich
  • Contain relevant, engaging and regularly updating content
  • Take full advantage of RSS feeds and social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

These changes alone will improve your web site ranking, but our professional SEO services do not stop there. We also look closely at the performance of your competitors’ web sites and identify keywords that they are not using effectively. By including these keywords in your web pages, we can help you to exploit your competitors’ weaknesses!

With our short term (6 months) and long term (1 year+) local SEO services, we can make sure your website is seen and heard. And all without the need for expensive advertising.

To give your web site a more powerful presence in the search engine rankings, get in touch with our Local SEO Services team now. Use the Contact us link or give us a call.

Vital Concept Ltd is a print studio, web design and Internet marketing agency based in London, UK.

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