10 Web Design Predictions For 2017

Each year it seems like there’s always something new to learn about web design and about optimising content – 2016 has been no different – but what are the most prevalent predictions being made for 2017?  As a web design company London businesses and professionals turn to regularly, we have a keen insight into what may likely be important factors in responsive web design going forward

Mobile Browsing to Increase

2015 and 2016 already saw a considerable increase in mobile browsing on tablets and smartphones, and we believe this is only set to continue.  Any websites not focused on responsive web design need to consider such a strategy.

Custom Graphics

While stock photos and streamlined designs may have been popular in recent history, there has been an increased interest in unique graphics and illustrations – with more and more artists willing to help, this is likely to be a design trend to look out for.

Creative Use of Space

While web design of old may have focused on clean, organised columns and grids, there has been a considerable shift to unorthodox layers and contemporary design – and any web design company London firms depend upon will know exactly how to implement such visuals.


Websites and advertising alike are starting to tell stories as opposed to outright offering information – it’s a move which is in line with brands engaging more closely with their customers.

Responsive Design

Responsive web design is just one way to tackle and engage with mobile traffic – as explained above, 2017 will be focused upon attracting mobile browsers more than ever – and responsive design will allow you to pour your design into any device that may come across it.

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading allows for information to appear on your website as soon as it’s requested – meaning that you don’t have to wait for the entire page to load to start reading – and it’s becoming more and more commonplace in commercial web design.

Split Content

Split content is becoming popular alongside responsive web design – as it enables for two streams of content to run alongside, and allows for them to share centre stage equally.

Centred Content

As a web design company London firms depend upon for support and advice on design trends, we’re often inundated with questions regarding centred content – we think it’s a bold choice, one which demands attention and which works well for certain brands.  It’s also growing in popularity.

Full-Screen Forms

Anyone concerned about having to travel to a new page to fill out a form need worry no more in 2017 – as there have been considerable shifts towards full-screen form filling, in line with responsive design strategy.

SEO Will Rule

Search Engine Optimisation will be just as important in 2016, in line with changes to responsive design and Google’s shifting algorithms – meaning that a website without a good SEO strategy in 2017 is still likely to be lagging behind the pack.

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