4 Keys to Winning in Google Search

When it comes to getting seen on the internet, everyone wants to conquer Google. After all, they know search better than anyone else – at least, they have the monopoly. In today’s climate of user experience accountability and mobile web optimisation, search engine tactics are now less about keywords and using the old fashioned techniques and are more about thinking outside of the box. Here are four great ways Vital Concept can help to get your website picked up by Google and really optimised for the searchers you deserve.

Get Seen

Number one rule – be seen, and be seen by the right people. Putting forward the right message, really targeting those specific customers, is absolutely key. We understand that keywords make up a large amount of SEO – so what else is new – but it’s also important to make sure that your message is fresh, relevant and inspiring to the right people. Be seen, and be seen early.

Be Smart

You don’t have to depend upon your own wits to be smart about optimising your web content for search. You need to think about letting the automatons do the work for you – let script, code and machine learning pave the way for you in terms of finding the best techniques and trends. You don’t have to do all the research under your own steam to be smart. We have the tools, the scripts and more besides to really push your content out there to the right search algorithms.

Be Fast

What does it mean to be fast in 2017? It means making sure that your site is easy to navigate and launch, and quick to get data from. Never lead with a site that is difficult to get going. Focus on page loading speeds and making your links and sections super easy to spool through – be fast about your page design as much as you are about your site’s overall functionality.


In 2017, it is extremely important to consider the individual user experience above all else. This means not only making your website easy to use, but also chock full of useful content. Content which is valuable to your searchers’ needs, and directly responds to questions they may pose. We will help you to achieve accountability – and the perfect user experience – each and every time. It takes more than just the right keywords – and we know how!

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