5 Ecommerce Website Design Trends

While you may assume initially that all ecommerce websites work the same, you couldn’t be farther from the truth – there are a wealth of different systems, platforms and techniques that can be used to bring your storefront to life, and, of course, some of these are going to be more effective at grabbing your audience than others.  But what are the most interesting, and the most captivating website design trends 2017 has to offer?  As experts in ecommerce website design, we’ve rounded up some of the more interesting web store trends that have been taking off in recent months.

Image Heavy Design

You may well identify with this one as a consumer yourself – it’s far easier to connect with an image than it is with a wall of text.  Even ecommerce website design is making the most of the flowchart and infographic trend, giving customers more of a visual treat as opposed to a written slog.  Keeping text to a minimum in terms of marketing content, and going with a more visual slant will enable you to connect with your customers quicker and more effectively.  They say a picture tells a thousand words – and in Magento ecommerce, this saying has never been more true.

Boxes and Cards

You may have noticed in recent years that there has been a considerable shift towards web layouts taking on a more ‘box-like’ state – perhaps inspired by interfaces that we now use on our smartphones and tablets, the otherwise-known-as ‘card’ layout allows you to present several products and deals to customers in a responsive and visually-pleasing manner.  This set-up will allow you to link directly to certain products should browsers wish to know more, and instead of burying all the details behind walls of text and page after page, they get a snapshot of a product and others like it on one easy page.  Often, you’ll be able to scroll endlessly down this type of design – and speaking of which…

The Endless Scroll

Gone are the days of pages needing to follow pages.  With the dawn of mobile browsing and its immense popularity, websites and storefronts are now opting to allow browsers to simply scroll endlessly down a page – it’s built for smartphone users in this way, and it also means that customers never have to click off-page – it’s maximum engagement.  This type of design can be employed through Magento ecommerce and other platforms with ease.

Fully Responsive

Sticking to the idea of mobile browsing, all website design trends 2017 has to offer will likely stick to the idea of responsive design.  This means that a website can be fluidly ‘poured’ into any device that may be browsing it, therefore meaning that it is always a one-size-fits-all affair.  This is incredibly important if you wish to engage with and sell to as many people as possible – if your website isn’t yet responsive nor yet built for mobile use, you will almost certainly be missing out on sales.  Not to worry – we can help.

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