5 Ideas For Increasing Customer Spending On Ecommerce Websites

The aim of the game in ecommerce web design London and elsewhere is simple – encourage visitors to become customers! The next goal is to encourage them to shop regularly. As a company that specialises in ecommerce and graphic design London customers are regularly engaged with, we know a number of tips and tricks which are proven to bring value to your users and to drive sales for your business. Here’s a quick rundown of our best ideas:


All customers love a good deal – and all businesses love to get rid of nuisance stock! Promotions offer a great opportunity for you to bring value to your customers and to encourage them to purchase additional items – by tying in other items or deals, you could really drive sales – you simply have to be smart about what to promote, and when. But don’t worry – we’ll offer you all the tools you need – ones which other companies taking on ecommerce web design London customers get enticed by.

Design With Conversion in Mind

You’re going to lead as a salesperson, even in the design process – you’ll need to think about what it takes to convert a sale every step of the way. Think of yourself as an online buyer – what do you look for in sales and online deals? Consider ways you can make your visitors’ lives easier – and we’ll supply graphic design London customers will flock to.

Build, Protect and Promote Your Reputation

This is a very important point – social media has transformed the way we market our businesses – and you’ll need to promote yourself and your brand through channels such as Facebook, Twitter and through customer testimonials alike to build up a solid reputation.

Engage the Customer in Conversation

Again, relating to social media – speak directly to your customers! Customers like being treated like human beings, not sales targets – and word of mouth has a huge impact on online business. Do whatever you can for your visitors – but make sure you talk to them!

Offer Prices

Always be up front on costs and do cut prices regularly – a store which fails to offer good deals on a regular basis is not going to fare well long-term! No matter your design of ecommerce websites, London or elsewhere, you visitors are going to love cut prices – so don’t be afraid to regularly slice these charges up!

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Posted on 25 Aug 2017