5 Predictions For What Marketing Will Look Like In 2020

Here at Vital Concept, we keep our ears to the ground when it comes to anything and everything digital marketing – and the way we sell and promote services online is only going to change from here on in. Here are just a few of our predictions as to how we may expect to sell and advertise to our audiences in just a few years’ time.

Websites Will Be More Flexible

Digital marketing is already dependent upon flexible websites and content – and the movement towards websites and information morphing to your needs is becoming ever more obvious. It will be of no surprise to us if websites change their spots completely depending upon who it is that visits – offering the ultimate in flexible user experience.

Stock Photos = History?

Consider the humble stock photo – it’s a massive industry despite these staged pictures coming off as rather cheesy sometimes – but are they set to be judged as detrimental content in the years to come? Perhaps they may become a hindrance – as images and video start to get offered the same SEO treatment as text. Are original, super-relevant photos the way forward?

One Page Search Results

We’re heading there – can you feel it? Digital marketing is hugely focused on getting content to the first page of Google’s search listings – meaning we really won’t put it past the search engine to start focusing on one page of listings alone for future iterations. It just makes sense! The competition, however, will be fiercer than ever.

Virtual Reality Marketing

Who knows exactly where VR will lead? If mass adoption of the technology by services such as Facebook is a sign of anything, it’s that marketing will need to start thinking about the virtual world as well as the real one – keep your eyes and visors peeled!

Digital Advertising Spending to Increase

Finally, this one is perhaps a little bit obvious – while print and physical marketing is still huge, the market for digital advertising is only set to expand – meaning it will be time to pool your resources for digital marketing only by the turn of the decade.

If you’re looking to prepare for 2020, there’s no better time to get started. Get in touch with Vital Concept today and let us be your guide through digital marketing trends and predictions alike for the years to come.

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