5 Reasons to Revamp Your Website

A change is as good as a rest – and this has never been truer for websites, particularly in a day and age where our browsing habits are continually evolving. We’re in the middle of a mobile revolution, for one – and with Google focusing heavily on making search more worthwhile for users and with organic results getting heavy favour over those using outdated black hat SEO techniques, it’s time you started thinking about bringing things up to code.

Website redesign is incredibly important not just because you’re keeping up to your customers, but also because you’re keeping up to Google’s ever-changing algorithms and your competition around you, too.

Design Dates Quickly

You only have to look at the first website from the early to mid 90s to understand that web design has come a long way – and in such a few short years, user interfaces, navigation controls and use of media have all dictated large changes in physical web design. Don’t let your site get stuck in 2014!

Responsiveness is Key

Websites that actively engage with users and which get given the gold star treatment by Google are ones which are quick, responsive and fluid. Can your site be easily viewed and used from a phone or tablet? If not, it’s more than high time you started making that your focus while moving forward.

Focusing on the User

Ask your users – or even take a test drive of your site yourself – is your web presence doing enough to assist your visitors? Poor user experience, whether related to confusing navigation, poorly-written content or outdated media, all help to drive down how effective your website could be.

Your Business Has Moved On

Let’s keep this short and sweet – if your brand and business model has moved on significantly since your site was first built, isn’t it time to bring it up to date? No one likes being given false information!

Your Site Simply… Doesn’t Work

A website left to fester over the years is one which can break down. Media links, navigation tools and even parts of the user interface could all falter if not kept in check – a full revamp will bring everything up to code and within the sphere of current user expectations.

Call Vital Concept today for all your website revamp needs – don’t let your online presence or web store fall by the wayside!

Posted on 15 Mar 2018