7 Major Ecommerce Trends that will Only Get Bigger in 2018

Ecommerce is always evolving – and here at Vital Concept, it is essential that we keep on top of the big trends and movements that may be coming into play for the months and years ahead. It’s well worth looking into these trends and to start thinking about how they can help you and your storefront for the new year ahead – and here are just a few that we feel will become very important from the festive period onwards.

More Prevalent Storefront Apps

Whether on Magento or otherwise, it’s becoming more and more commonplace for websites and brands to lead with storefront apps to help make shopping experiences that little bit more appealing and accessible to mobile users.

Messenger Apps and Chatbots

The way in which we communicate with visitors and customers is changing, too – with more and more people opting to seek support from web chat as opposed to calling up and to waiting to speak to an advisor. This means that ecommerce platforms and storefronts are needing to consider automated chat processes to help advise and assist customers more and more.

Artificial Intelligence

That’s right – AI is coming to a storefront near you. Whether using Magento or an alternative platform, it’s likely we’ll start seeing AI making its mark on helpful, accessible shopping from next year onwards.

VR and AR

Virtual and Augmented Reality, too, are set to make their way into the world of ecommerce world. While it’s early days for either technology to truly adapt to everyday online shopping, expect to see immersive experiences coming your way soon.

Conversational Interfaces

Falling in line with the automated web chats and chatbots as advised above, full conversations taking place online are fast becoming the norm – meaning that ecommerce will need to focus more on on-site customer service in the coming months.

Mobile Commerce

The mobile revolution is already here – but with more and more of us using our phones and tablets to shop online, ecommerce design and storefront implementation is putting mobile forward as its main focus.

Data Analytics Will Become the Rule – Not the Exception

Analysing traffic and data will become more and more important in the year to come as we become more adept at measuring the various elements that go into our websites –meaning that we need to start making data analysis a focus as opposed to an afterthought.

Most importantly – we need to start thinking about how to monopolise these factors – and here at Vital Concept, we will help you to harness all of these important trends for the year ahead.


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