Take advantage of PHP 5.4 with Magento

Those clever people at Magento have, as usual, exceeded our expectations by keeping on top of the game and adding support for PHP 5.4. The recently updated PHP fixed over 13 bugs and improved the usability of the scripting and web development programming language; and Magento has kept apace, much to our delight and excitement. As a Magento developer, we have found this advancement a real advantage and are keen to share our knowledge with you this week.

So what does this additional support mean for us Magento web design developers out there? Well, moving to PHP 5.4 has meant several real and perceivable advantages in the shape of increased performance, a far more efficient usage of memory and it opens the door to accessing ongoing and future updates as well as security fixes. Furthermore, benefitting from these developments is not just for those users of future Magento development product releases; they have helpfully and thankfully released patches for Magento Enterprise Edition and its later releases. It has also produced patches for Magento Community Edition and its subsequent releases. But all future editions will have PHP 5.4 built in.

Magento have made their new patches easy to access and quick to download for your convenience. If you are a user of Magento Enterprise Edition, the patches have been posted in the ‘Support Patches’ section of the ‘My Account’ area. If you are a Magento community Edition user, your PHP 5.4 upgrade patches are available on the Community Edition download page. Those helpful souls at Magento have provided more useful information on downloading patches on their Magento ‘Knowledge Base.’PHP have advised that if you are finding it difficult to upgrade to PHP 5.4 for any reason, try to at least upgrade to version 5.3.28 as a minimum as it is the latest version in the 5.3 product line and will give you basic access to most of the major security fixes.

As Magento web developers we are conversant with the general advantages and benefits of using Magento Ecommerce solutions for producing ecommerce websites that have real business functionality and excellent user friendly experiences. We know that using slick and professional themes and versatile Magento add-ons can give your business website a real edge but most importantly increase profits and return custom. That’s why an upgrade like the PHP 5.4 one is so important to maintain and improve the site’s usability and resilience.

Posted on 07 Feb 2014