Best Magento 2 Extensions and Modules

As experts in providing Magento development London firms rely upon on a regular basis, we make sure that we keep up to date with all the latest modules, features and extensions that the software has to offer. After all, as it remains one of the most flexible and feature-rich platforms for ecommerce, it’s important that we keep abreast of the best tools and techniques available. Here are the best extensions and modules currently available for Magento 2, and why we think they are essential for the perfect ecommerce platform.

Marketplace Extension

As any good web design company London or elsewhere will tell you, ecommerce design is measured by its simplicity in design and its user-friendly approach. The Marketplace extension for Magento 2 allows us to create informative and powerful ecommerce layouts for the benefit of sellers and buyers – allowing you to easily manage your inventory and pricing without having to click through any unnecessary menus.

Barcode Management

This extension should be on the go-to-list for anyone looking for Magento development London or elsewhere – this helpful tool allows you to scan in and manage barcodes, as well as create new ones. This helps you to keep stock of pricing and inventory – and it slides right into the default Magento 2 interface like a dream.

Reward Points

This extension allows you to create your own loyalty club – a great little feature for even the smallest of firms who are looking to entice and engage with regular customers.

Catalogue Module

This module is fairly essential – any web design company London or elsewhere will advise you to set up a catalogue for your customers to pore through if you have tons of products on display. This module allows you to seamlessly build and maintain a great-looking catalogue that’s easy to use.

Newsletters Module

Newsletters are still a great way of engaging with regular customers – and this widget will enable you to produce and mail out regular correspondence, as well as encourage visitors to sign up for news, deals and sales information.

Sales Modules

If you’re cutting stock down in price or are looking to engage your customers in a big deal or two, you really can’t beat a sale – stick with this Magento module and you’ll be able to create great-looking sales content with flexibility and style.

For Magento development London and beyond, stick with Vital Concept – we know our extensions – and our modules!

Posted on 03 Aug 2017