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Over the years we’ve blogged and bragged about the ability to maximise the potential of an eCommerce website. But the fact is; the sheer power and reach of an ecommerce website is undeniably huge and something you simply can’t afford to let pass you by. That’s why this week we’re not just talking about the concept of eCommerce but specifically the kind of features you and your business can benefit from in a practical and applicable way.

What better way to illustrate this then to talk about magento website developers uk how we at Vital Concept designed and developed a Magento ecommerce website for printing company and the unique functions your site could feature.

betterprinting-1000x779 features a user account profile so customers can log in and organise their personal settings and profile. This itself is most certainly not unique to eCommerce sites but when combined with a brilliant file upload and management process makes a personalised user experience that feels independent and controlled by the customer. Customers can upload their own files in a variety of formats for their printing purchases.

Through the creative use of Magento plugins we were able to enable to have multi-level category selection ability. Through this a product can be arranged through multiple parent categories enabling ease of use and faster accessibility to desired products. Product ‘locatability’ is absolutely essential to the success of any ecommerce website development so making this process simpler and less reliant on search terms or guesswork on which category the product falls into improves the user satisfaction, their likelihood to purchase the found item and their likelihood to recommend and return.

A business should never underestimate the power of customer testimonials. Whether it’s a case study, a rating or a review; feedback is essential in enabling your company reputation to grow in a positive and healthy way. That’s why having a feature such as the auto customer review reminder – which prompts customers to leave short and informed feedback on their customer experience is perfect! Using this feature is advantageous for two main reasons. Firstly it provides you with all important customer feedback and continuous improvement information and secondly it allows you to showcase positive and relevant feedback in a clear and informative way on the website itself – acting as an excellent marketing tool. Furthermore, its automated quality means you don’t have to carry out manual feedback gathering exercises to gain insight on your customers – it just happens for you!

There’s a whole host of other Magento features we’ve used to make; such as the easy-to-use basket for gathering and sorting customer’s potential purchases, automated galleries of products with product information attached to get at-a-glance information on items and clean and a phenomenal template download option to help people visualise design and prepare for their purchase.

We’ve used the genius and creative potential of Magento coupled with our creative raw talent to produce a revolutionary type of printing site that is constantly evolving for the future.

Take a look for yourself by logging on to and see how your eCommerce website could attract as much custom through the usage of a Magento eCommerce web design.

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