How to design a WordPress website

Long gone are the days when creating your own website meant hiring expensive professionals costing thousands of your hard earned pounds to make a basic web presence for you. And neither do you have to spend hours and hours of valuable time learning and using programming language in order to create basic designs. With the world of WordPress at your finger tips you can have beautiful and affordable web design tools in the way that you want them whenever you want them. As a web design company London businesses have chosen to turn to in their droves for many years, we feel we have the knowledge and experience to impart on you some key pointers on how you can design your very own WordPress professional website design.

Tip 1 – Get a Web Host

It may be tempting to use a ‘free’ website from the hundred that are offered out there on the net. However these sites do have their limitations and can be restrictive in what they allow you to do. What’s more the domain name will have their name attached. So if you’re looking for a business web design that promotes your business as a professional element of your marketing strategy, this can really detract from it. Getting a web host is relatively inexpensive these days, averaging around £25; a small price to pay for a professional product.

Tip 2 – Create The Website

This is where WordPress is the answer – or at least one of the best answers you can find! WordPress is one a new breed of website creating CMS or Content management systems. It helps you create the basic layout of your website and its functions and processes without complex programming language or technical requirements. You simply use intuitive menus and straightforward icons to create your functional but cheap web design.

Step 3 – Think Like a Designer

WordPress has absolutely thousands of themes and layers to choose from to design your website. You will be bound to find one that you can customise to make your own tailored website. But you do need to think about your design. What do you want it to say about you and your company? How do you incorporate the themes of your brand and identity? What are your peers or industry cohorts doing with their web space? Who are your online customers and what do they need to see? All of this will help you build a picture of what your website should be like.

And once you’ve done that you’re ready to get marketing and promoting your brand spanking new professional website design to your current and potential customers across the global.

Posted on 16 Apr 2014