Digital and Print Marketing Campaigns for your Business

Sometimes, a website or Facebook page alone just isn’t enough when it comes to promoting your business or services.  Sometimes, you need to market a little more succinctly, or intelligently, to really get at the lucrative custom you’re searching for. 

The power of print marketing should never be ignored, either – as it is surprising how much uptake one will be able to achieve through a well-designed and planned-out flyer printing or business card printing campaign.  For all things digital marketing – SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Pay per Click and Google AdWords – and print marketing besides, Vital Concept can help create the perfect campaign for you.

Digital marketing and promotion has changed vastly since Google’s growth into a major source of the world’s information and publicity – meaning that a website’s content now has to be written in a certain way to be able to be picked up on and highlighted near the very top of Google’s search listings.  The best technique for digital marketing is, therefore, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – which involves utilising certain keywords throughout your text in a natural way. 

These keywords will be researched as optimal search queries in order to find your business – however, it is important to never ‘stuff’ or ‘cram’ your content with these keywords as Google will interpret its use negatively –here at Vital Concept, we understand how to use keywords effectively, and therefore can guarantee your website’s meteoric rise in Google’s search listings.

Another form of web marketing is that of Pay per Click.  While this is much different to SEO, this is essentially banner advertising or the use of Google AdWords in various websites.  For a certain fee per transferred click to your website, we can arrange for your presence to be highlighted elsewhere on the internet and encourage regular click-through to your business.  This is a great way to get started, and certainly to get new visitors looking around.

If digital marketing – Search Engine Optimisation, Pay per Click and Google AdWords –is already on your radar, you may well consider branching out into print marketing.  We also offer a high-quality and far-reaching flyer printing and business card printing service, allowing you to design and print great-looking physical marketing materials in bulk for less with our printing press.

We consider ourselves versatile and all-encompassing when it comes to marketing for small businesses – if you’re in need of a bit of SEO TLC, like the sound of Pay Per Click or would like to take advantage of business card printing and flyer printing, why not contact us today for a quote?

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