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Five Common Ecommerce Web Design Traps and How to Avoid Them

Ecommerce isn’t as easy as it seems – it’s all about getting that crucial balance between user engagement and purchase encouragement just right.  As a firm specialised in offering Magento development London and beyond, our team know more than a thing or two about making sure that your online store connects with your customers and provides them with plenty of opportunities to purchase the items they need.  There are a few problems that can arise during the ecommerce design process, however, that you will do well to avoid.

1. Keep Checkout Simple

The last thing anyone shopping online needs is a confusing or long-winded trip to paying!  The best way to simplify the process is to condense it into only a handful of pages, with simple forms to fill and plenty of signposting.  Consider how you’d like to check out – as soon as possible, we’re sure!

2. Search is Crucial 

If your ecommerce website fails to offer a search function that reacts to all possible outcomes, you’re missing out on upselling to a wide selection of possible customers.  Make sure you implement a solid search engine as part of your design – Magento development London firms depend upon will always offer this as standard.

3. Poor Image Galleries

If you’re going to sell a product range online, you’re going to need to show it off as best you can – don’t leave everything to the buyer’s imagination!  Show front, rear and side views – offer product details as much as you can and you’ll avoid disappointment and disengagement.

4. Poor Content

Tying in with the above, anyone looking for Magento development London and beyond will know that hooking customers with that nice piece of sales pitch is essential – but if your content is light on actual details or useful information, your pitch will fall flat every time.  Make sure you give plenty of information but without the waffle!

5. Be Transparent

Perhaps most crucially of all, you need to give your customers a route through to speaking to you directly.  Social media has revolutionised the way that businesses and brands communicate with customers – but beyond this, you should always make your contact information as public as possible.  Therefore, there’s always a way for users to get in touch if they need to.

Ecommerce web design doesn’t need to be complex – and Vital Concept will help you navigate the pitfalls of Magento and other platforms so that you can build an effective and engaging online store in no time.

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