Five Strategies For Increasing Your Average Order Value

Getting the most from your ecommerce website design can be tricky, but the simple fact is that you need to run your online store much in the same way you would a public-facing storefront.  What are the best ways to encourage purchases?  How can you encourage your visitors to spend more each time they shop?  There are many online marketing strategies you can use – however, as experts in Magento ecommerce, we know the tricks of the trade – here are five of them to help you get started.

The Power of the Up Sell

This one works well both in real life and online – by placing certain products in people’s eye line, they will be more drawn to purchasing them.  Amazon and eBay do this to great effect – after ordering an item or placing one in your basket, you may be approached with the opportunity to buy ‘similar’ items.  By grouping your products together and by encouraging your customers to look into additional items before they checkout, you could really drive up your average order value.

Offer Free Shipping

Offering free shipping will only help to increase your average order value if you set it above a certain rate.  For example, encourage your buyers to buy over £50 of items to qualify – if a customer is looking to spend £45 on any given day, for example, they may be encouraged to spend that little bit more to get free shipping.  This is one of the most popular online marketing strategies, and should therefore be one you consider early on in your ecommerce website design.

Package Deals

As experts in Magento ecommerce, we know only too well that certain packages and certain rates do better than others.  This is all the more reason to consider package deals – will certain items go well with others?  Can you offer a slight discount that won’t impact on your sales figures?  Amazon already offers this to great effect – it’s another form of upwelling that helps customers find similar products or linked items.

Limited Deals

Limited deals are a great idea if you’re running a storefront and are keen to encourage customers to buy now rather than later.  This technique can be used to encourage buyers to take advantage of, for example, 50% off certain lines for three days – meaning that they will be more likely to increase their shopping cart value in a short period of time.  Get them while they’re hot!

Don’t Go Overboard

While all of the above online marketing strategies may sound great and you may wish to put them into effect right away, anyone with more than a little experience in ecommerce website design will tell you to use these techniques sparingly – otherwise, you may not only find yourself working at a loss, but that you may also be alienating your customers in the process.

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