Five Ways to Keep Your Website Safe from Hackers

As specialists in ecommerce web development in London – and as a seasoned Magento developer – our team know how to make sure that your website is kept safe and secure from any unwanted attention or hacking.  Hacking is still very much a problem in 2017, and while their techniques may be getting more sophisticated, so are the methods of prevention.  Here are just a few ways we advise you make sure your ecommerce website is safe – and how we can help you get there.

Update Your Security

If you’re making the most of an ecommerce web design in London, you are going to need to ensure that any details or payment information you take from your customers is captured securely and that it is safe from prying eyes.  Therefore, you should always ensure that your website has the latest safety certification and encryption in place.  This means ensuring that browser communication between your customer and you is kept solely between the both of you.

Test Your Security

Simply setting up a wall isn’t good enough – you’re going to need to try it out for size!  Using third party security software, scanning and analysis, you’ll be able to spot any flaws or problems before you set sail.  As a Magento developer, we know the website security tools of the trade that test security the best – and we will always make sure you’re good to go before publishing your site.

Know Your Host

We only source the most secure hosting packages around – meaning that you can be assured of network monitoring, solid encryption and regular updates.  Partnering with a server for your ecommerce web design means choosing a solid framework and security system that will protect you for years to come – but don’t worry, we’ll find the best ones for you.

Encrypt Everything

If there’s any risk of your data going awry, or if you hold information that may be of particular interest to those looking to hack you, encrypt it and double-encrypt-it!  Don’t keep hold of any data that you don’t need, either – as hackers will be on the hunt for anything they can make use out of.

Be Regular

This is the most important point – don’t just let your website fester!  If you regularly handle payments and sensitive data, keep updating and protecting it – we’ll show you how and will be able to help you maintain solid security – but getting yourself acquainted with regular encryption and protective updates will benefit you and your customers in the long run.

These are, of course, not the only ways in which you can keep safe – we will creating a secure website to help you weather hacking attempts and all threats to your data without hassle or fuss!

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