Generate More Christmas Sales Using Social Promotion

Tis the season to be social network savvy! That’s right, the advantages of social networks for businesses are immeasurable at any time of year but at Christmas, the opportunities are simply immense. That’s why we’ve dedicated some festive space to give you some ideas on how best to use and creatively encourage your custom through the use of social promotions online. Here are our top tips for how to make the most of your business social network this Christmas.

1.    Appear popular to be popular

At this time of year the competition is no doubt fierce and furious, so you need to show that your product, service and business is ahead of the game and in high demand. It’s simple consumer psychology that popularity breeds popularity, people want what others are wanting. A great way of doing this is to publicise orders as they are generated, this gives potential customers the confidence that your product is in demand and advertises it to those who are yet undecided as to what to buy.

2.    Generate ideas for gifts

Gift buying is often a complex and mind boggling exercise for many, so helping people along with ideas on what to buy ‘mum’ or ‘dad’ or ‘great uncle bob’ is exactly what they need; and when it’s your products and services being suggested that’s even better for you. Generating sales and happy customers too.

3.    Give your product a seasonal spin

One of the reasons why this time of year is such a profit generating time, is because people are not only buying gifts but also a whole range of things that they simply need for Christmas, whether it’s clothing or preparing for Christmas parties, entertaining, cooking, or hosting on Christmas day. This is an ideal opportunity to promote ways of how your product can be used at Christmas on your Facebook or Twitter page.

4.    Have a Christmas Comp

Competitions on Facebook are by no means a new or Christmas phenomena, but at this time of year they can be absolutely vital for getting your product noticed in a big way to a wide audience as well as generating some competition buzz in your customers. Have a look online for ideas and guidance on how to set up simple yet effective Facebook competitions.

5.    Create a sense of urgency

Encouraging people to ‘buy now’ is always difficult when they have the option to ‘buy later’ so using your social network pages to generate a sense of real urgency is imperative. A Christmas countdown to how many shopping days left to the big day or a countdown on how few of a product is left gets people buying quickly because of the sense of scarcity and the fear of missing out on a good offer or product.

6.    Get a Christmas Facebook App

Facebook Christmas Apps are a wonderful way to reward your followers who have loyally followed you throughout the year with a Christmas gesture whilst also generating more engagement and interest from new and potential followers.
These festive apps work by offering followers a new Christmas treat each day for those customers and followers who take the time to engage with your Facebook profile each day. This breeds more followers to your site and rewards your loyal customers.

7.    Shout about your discounts

If your business has any Christmas discounts on purchases for the Christmas period, then it’s absolutely vital that you promote these discounts offers on your Facebook pages. The more discounts the better, as you can promote them in several posts over the course of the season. Be cautious to mix up your offers with other engaging non-promotional posts too, so your followers don’t feel like you are constantly making the hard sell at them. You could use these promotional posts in conjunction with Facebook adverts to help get a wider audience to your products. There are guidelines you have to comply with, but when used correctly this can be a very effective method indeed.

8.    Provide a Facebook only discount

Reward your loyal Facebook followers and generate new ones, by offering a Facebook-only discount code. You could even partner up with other Facebook pages that target your ideal demographic to share codes with their Facebook fans too, getting wider exposure and selling more products. Absolutely genius!

9.    Use your social customer base to promote your physical customer place

Who says that social networks can only affect your online profile and online custom? Used effectively, social promotions can bring business to your physical place of business. If your business has a shop or outlet, then promoting an event using your Facebook page can be a brilliant way to get people there for the event.  Should your outlet be in a shopping area with a generally high shopping foot-fall, then all the better, as people will be even more likely to pop in as they see your promotion on their mobile access. A simple but useful way to turn mouse clicks in to till kerchings!

Posted on 09 Dec 2013