Google AMP Update: Browse websites within your Gmail

Google’s AMP technology – Accelerated Mobile Pages – has enabled web searchers to read and experience web content and media faster than ever before. Many sites have taken on the protocol which largely enables mobile users to experience super-fast browsing and download speeds via phones and tablets. This is largely in response to the increasing reliance upon mobile browsing that is only going to continue – and beyond this, Google has recently announced that they will be integrating AMP services into its landmark Gmail application.

Developer previews launched mid-February have shown that users will be able to access certain features and functions directly from their inboxes and without having to disembark for another website. This means, effectively, that developers will be able to transform their emails to customers and regular visitors into miniature web experiences of sorts, largely upgrading the email marketing chain of old into fully responsive missives that will allow people to take direct action with just a click. Consider this – a few buttons or links embedded in an email could now allow you to capture interest from a recipient – you could allow your readers to fill out automated forms, give consent to certain services, and much more.

The aim of the Amp for Email project appears to be looking to streamline the online experience for your average user even further. Your direct audience may not even need to leave their inbox to connect with you, to place orders, or to get in touch – this will be incredible news for mobile users, who will likely always be looking for new ways to speed up their online experiences. You could even browse media directly from your email – meaning that you could actively compact certain features of your website’s UI into the marketing or regular mail you send out. If such previews are successful, this could be very big news for mobile users.

The way we use the web is always changing and Google sees this as all for the better – the way we seek out information and interact with our favourite brands is becoming more and more streamlined, meaning that all of the unnecessary processes in between are effectively being cast by the wayside. Responsive websites are only the beginning – stick with us here at Vital Concept and we will keep you up to date on any Amp for Email news that may be arising.

Posted on 20 Mar 2018