How Important is Speed for Your Users?

The way in which we browse the web is ever-changing. This means that we’re not just accessing more information at our fingertips like never before, it also means that we’re accessing incredible amounts of data at an insurmountable rate. Think about it – it’s getting easier and easier to access information such as the news, live video and more besides in just a few taps. This means that, ultimately, to be able to compete with the mainstream, your website is going to need to be just as speedy as everyone else’s. But why is that?

Consider mobile speed to be the driving force in why people use your site. Mobile browsing has never been bigger – and when it comes to making sure that your website and content is readily available for phones and tablets to easily browse and use, there’s never been a greater need. Speedy sites are mobile friendly – full stop – as anyone browsing on the go or via portable device will not be wishing to spend hours poring through blocks of text or hunting around for links. Mobile sites that work are speedy with all information ready to go.

It has to be said that speed is key simply because it enhances productivity. In today’s workplace and in today’s entertainment climate, getting content or solutions here and now is paramount. It goes without saying, too, that there are more than enough success stories out there to prove that speedy site access has really turned more than a few fortunes around. Speed gets things underway – and it is incredibly important to ensure that your website is a productivity enhancer, not a productivity detractor.

But how do you improve your site’s speed beyond the obvious? Thanks to software and emerging tools with the likes of Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, and the Google Site Test facility, you can now really give your site the boost it needs. Format and manipulate your site to be the best it can be – by honing the basics and then turbo-charging it further with the best tools the web has to offer.

When it comes to enhancing your site’s profile with visitors, you’re going to need to focus on speed – today’s browser wants to access data and watch content now, today, not in a few hours or a few days. Make speed your focus and you’ll always be onto a web-based winner.

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