How to add Google+ authorship to your WordPress website

In a world where social media and social networking has a prominent and unwavering place for businesses, communities and individuals – Google, in their infinite wisdom and unequivocal acumen have developed a content authorship tool that furthers the versatility and usability of its ever-growing social network Google Plus. Authorship is establishing you, to Google, as the author of a piece of content that gets published on a website. In simple terms, it’s like establishing yourself as the confirmed author of your website & blog by using your Google+ profile. And they take your Google+ profile picture and use it as the author picture in SERPs. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.

As a Google+ Authorship user, you will be exposed to a number of other crucial benefits too. Like the perpetual growth of any well utilised social network; using Google+ Authorship enables your Google+ profile to improve with the increase of +1s, likes and shares to your published content – showcasing your work.

Content authorship is invaluable to any published content for its presentation and integrity as a professional piece of work – so associating your content with an established developer acts as a verification of quality and trust. You can also associate your content with other published content – broadening the impact and perception your content receives.

Evidence has shown that websites with a verified developer associated with them are rated better by Google, so using Google+ Authorship could improve your reputed position as well as your social activity and ranking with Google. And ultimately it can make your website and your content stand out from other developers.

Sounds good? We agree, and if you are looking for a WordPress web development that you wish to benefit from this authorship function, once you have a Google+ account it’s simply a matter of 3 easy steps.

STEP ONE: Link your WordPress website to your Google+ profile page

For Google to be able to verify your authorship of your site, you need to create a reciprocal connection between your site and your Google+ profile. You create this link using the rel=”author” meta tag.

If you’d rather not interfere with your theme files you can obtain a number of SEO plugins (try WordPress SEO by Yoast) which have a field in to which you can insert your Google+profile URL.

STEP TWO: Link from your Google+ profile to your desired WordPress website

Now it’s the same link from the other user end – your Google+ profile page. Go to the Links section on your “About” page, click the Edit link and add your website URL to the “Contributor To” list.

STEP THREE: Test it.

Just to make sure it’s all running smoothly – give it a quick test. Google has a pretty nifty Structured Data Testing Tool  where you can enter your URL and Google will check if it’s verified

Now you’re ready and set to have your authorship verified on all your published content!

How it looks like on SERPs

When your name and picture shows up on SERPs, they look like this:vital concept - Google Search

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