How To Add Google+ Publisher To Your WordPress Website

Once again Google has delivered in its efforts to assist businesses boost their profile and web optimisation using the powerful vehicle of social media. Google+ Publisher is a revolutionary addition to any company’s online presence. It’s appeal and its brilliance is in its simplicity yet effectiveness. That’s why we’ve dedicated our blog space this week to let you in to the world of Google+ Publisher and give you some insight into its uses, it’s benefits and of course how to get your business started on the Google+ Publisher journey.

Social networks have become one of the most prolific ways in the history of personal and professional web usage to publicise, market and showcase oneself. Within this realm, the soaring popularity of Google’s social network Google+ has recently evolved into an important social media platform for businesses of all scales; further advanced by their additional Google+ programs.

We’ve spoken about the other great Google program; Google Authorship to protect and link individual web content to a person’s Google+ profile. Well, Google Publisher is a similar concept but for businesses rather than individuals. It works by linking your brand or your company website to your Google+ Brand page. When someone searches for your company name via Google, your Google+ business profile appears on the right hand side of the screen, prominently displaying your brand identity and core information about your business. Try it now; open a page and Google a well-known brand – maybe your favorite newspaper, supermarket or coffee shop and you’ll see the Google+ profile appear in a clear box to the right. Genius.

True, the viewing of this profile relies on the accurate spelling of the company name when making an organic search so your business does need to have some established customer awareness; but the benefits greatly outweigh this one compromise. Through using Google+ Publisher, your company’s SEO (search engine optimization) is improved as Google priorities searches that link to their social network (after all they have a business interest too!) so the traffic to your website will inevitably increase through its usage. It hugely benefits your marketing strategy as all relevant content can be smoothly linked to your brand identity. Of course as a social network tool, it helps to quickly establish social links with your current and potential customers. Lastly, it heightens the prominence and professionalism of your company’s web presence and through its distinct link to Google, increases your company’s reputation as a reliable and genuine business website.

How can you get in on this? It’s simpler than you may think. You’ll see that Google+ Publisher is also often referred to as Rel=Publisher in the web development world. This is simply because it the program works through a simple HTML relationship attribute. Your first stop is to ensure you have a Google+ business page, this is a quick and easy process – check out for some help. After you have your Google+ business page URL to hand it takes 3 easy steps:

1.    If you have a WordPress website, use the WordPress plug in to link your Google+ account to your website.

In the HTML of your website’s homepage add your rel=publisher HTML tag. It should look something like this:

2.    Tell Google that you are the legitimate owner of this site by navigating to your Google+ profile , click on ‘page/s’ section, and select ‘switch to this page.’ Click on the ‘about’ tab of your page and at the bottom of the page click on the ‘edit text’ under the ‘links’ area. A box will pop up with a ‘website’ field for you to enter the URL for the page you entered your rel=publisher tag, and click “Save.”

3.    Check it all works. A great tool for this is Google Rich Snippets at

And that’s it. Now your business is ready to reap the wonderful benefits of Google+ Publisher!

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