HTTPS is the Future of the Web

When we browse the internet, we may hope that much of our data is safeguarded and free from being found by hackers and malware alike – but the fact of the matter is that the internet has always been fairly unsafe without at least some form of security protocol in place.  While the vast majority of web pages initially set up shop with HTTP addresses, it is becoming more and more worthwhile to consider hosting websites on a HTTPS protocol – this is because doing so provides an additional layer of security to site users, and is recommended for websites that may handle particularly sensitive information such as payment details or private identification.  Certainly, when it comes to ecommerce website development, setting up an ecommerce website design of any kind in 2016 without considering HTTPS as an option could be a risk that is far too great to make.

Incorporating HTTPS into your ecommerce website design not only protects your customers and their assets, but also your business and your reputation.  Are clients and customers likely to want to shop with you if you choose not to opt for optimal security settings?  Having some form of encryption is all well and good for anyone looking to make the most out of ecommerce website development, however, HTTPS is quickly picking up pace – meaning that if your website or online portal isn’t protected by the protocol, you could find yourself lagging behind your competitors in the security stakes.

For ecommerce website development that makes the most of the HTTPS protocol – and protects your customers against losing their data or worse – Vital Concept can help.  Call or email us today for more information on our ecommerce design packages and we will be happy to consult with you on your business’ needs!

Posted on 19 Aug 2016