The Importance of Content in Website Success

If you are interested in making your website really work for your business – that is, pull in new readers, new customers and generate leads galore – then you are really going to need to focus on the quality of your web content.  While design and appearance are just as important as functionality, there really has been no better time to ensure that the content you provide is both relevant to your readers and is also engaging and informative at the same time. Professional website design firms such as Vital Concept know for certain that the way in which SEO works is changing with every update to Google’s algorithms – meaning that the way in which you are listed on their search results is constantly evolving.

Google now rewards websites with an emphasis on regular ‘organic’ content – that is, websites that may adhere to SEO principles and b2b marketing tropes but ensure that their blogs and copy are original, thought-provoking and relevant.  Gone are the days of ‘keyword stuffing’ – if you’re going to climb Google’s search results ladder, you’re going to need to make sure that your keywords are used correctly, and that the content you provide is both engaging and authoritative.  Any company investing in professional website design should know that content, in 2016, is just as important as outward design and functionality.

Vital Concept have years of dedicated experience in following professional website design trends and SEO developments – meaning that if you’re looking for support with b2b marketing, or are in need of a helping hand in ensuring that your content appeals to both Google and your potential readership, our team will be willing and able to ensure that you’re ready to ascend the dizzying heights of the search engine results hierarchy – and quickly!

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