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9 Ways To Leverage Gender Differences To Grow Your Online Business

While we may be living in a society that is conscious of gender equality – and rightly so – there are still a few effective ways you can appeal to both genders separately through online marketing. A lot of if it is down to simple science – and when it comes to ecommerce development London firms depend upon, we have a few ways to help you tackle this side of online engagement.

1. Consider Language

The way through which women and men write and are appealed to through text differs greatly – to grab a male audience, be direct and punchy – but politeness is key, generally, for female interest.

2. Control

Business marketing aimed at women understands that female buyers like to take control of many aspects of their life – and for several people at once – meaning your site could market and upsell relevant products and services in one chunk for female visitors.

3. The Balance

Statistics show that more women shop online than men – meaning you may do well to appeal to females to get majority interest.

4. Care and Simplicity

Studies show that men appreciate simplicity, while women prefer customer care and support availability – why not offer both?

5. Majority Buying Decisions

It’s worth remembering, too, that women generally seem to make more household buying decisions on top of everything else – so a good catch-all approach may be to promote content for female interest.

6. Consider Lifestyle

Women have arguably more lifestyle choices than men – some may be working, others raising children and more besides – meaning that a complex, all-encompassing product range and approach to support will be appreciated.

7. Emphasise Trust

It’s good to build an element of trust – as experts in ecommerce development London firms look to regularly, we can assure you that showing you care, and are a market leader, will appeal greatly to female readers – though don’t go overboard to alienate men!

8. Go Speedy

If you’re marketing to men, simplify your website to emphasise speed and convenience.

9. Accepting Gender Issues

It remains to be said that while the above are generalised statements regarding gendered shopping, you should never assume all women and men are the same – offer a keen balance of simplicity and support and you’ll likely grab most people’s attention.

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