Make Mobile-First Index Optimisation a High Priority in 2018

Anyone who knows even a little bit about search engine optimisation will already be well aware that we are in the midst of a mobile revolution. The way that we browse and consume online content is changing to ensure that portable devices receive fluid, responsive content first and foremost – and it is largely thanks to Google, who of course run the biggest online search directory in the world, that these changes are coming into play.

Google has always been focused on user experience and, over the years, their various tweaks to search engine optimisation has led to various and necessary changes being made in the way that we build and fill our websites. Content has never been more relevant and websites have never been easier to browse – and Google’s latest move to index mobile-friendly sites first is an indication that the days of desktop versions being the standard are coming to an end.

Web design already allows for sites to morph to mobile devices wherever possible – the best designers make responsive design their primary focus, as this can allow all content to morph to various devices and browsers – and the ‘mobile first’ indexing on the horizon will ensure that only those sites that lead with a mobile-friendly interface will receive top-billing in Google’s search listings. This has a massive impact upon outdated sites and those unwilling to adapt to mobile browsing – as it effectively means that only those built for desktop browsing will be penalised and left to squander at the bottom of the search rankings.

Therefore, the time to get ready is now. While such indexing is only just on the horizon, there is time for your business to start thinking about retooling your existing website or rebuilding from scratch to appeal to the mobile generation. It makes little to no sense to let your website flounder in the face of responsive mobile design – as you will risk losing more and more potentials visitors, readers and customers as the days go by. Is this something you can really afford to do?

As a business, you should be focused on growing your enterprise and on introducing more and more customers into your books – and Vital Concept are more than prepared to help you reach your full online potential in the face of mobile first indexing. Why not call or email us today?


Posted on 25 Jan 2018