Make Your Website Stand Out From the Crowd

Everyone is going on line, and of course it makes perfect sense to do so – the internet is the perfect place to access masses of people quickly and effectively – and if you’re a business then it’s even more so important to utilize this medium of business marketing. But the flip side of this excellent platform is that your competitors are also using the same medium to attract the same customer base. So in the same way you need to attract passers-by with your shop window dressing, you need to make your website stand out from the crowd. So this week, we as your favourite web design company London, are offering 3 top tips on how to visually make your website noticeable.

Be consistent

Whatever your marketing strategy, if you have a logo, a slogan, a branding theme or even a pink chimp mascot (!) ensure you keep consistent with your hard copy marketing, your physical site marketing and your online presence. People will recognize the connection and it breeds trust and further embeds your brand in your customers’ consciousness.

Use colour and text…wisely

Use bold and innovative colour options to inject a modern feel to your site. Even if your theme is traditional or classic in nature, neutral colours can still be used in bold ways. A web design expert like us here can assist with cheap web design that offers just the right level of support and advice on how to best use colour. Like wise, think about the text your display, the size the colour and the length of it. Nobody wants to read an essay on a landing page, so keeping the text clean and simple on the home page is a must to engage new users to your site.

Keep it simple and effective

If you’ve used a web development tool to create your own site, then you’re brave and talented and we applaud your ingenuity. These tools can be great for self site development. But it can be tempting to go crazy with widgets and functions. In the words of Chanel, ‘less is more.’ Video links, rolling banners, flash based moving images and portals to other areas individually offer unique advantages but when thrown together, they not only look fussy and messy but can slow your site down considerably.

We think these three tips will get you well on the way to an effective website that will engender trust and confidence in your customers and keep them returning to your site.

Posted on 19 May 2014