Does your online marketing strategy measure up?

The world of marketing is a huge and powerful place full of wide and varied advice from across the industry. Here we like to keep it simple, succinct, current and useful. This week, we as your resident professional website design and social media experts are offering four key tips to help you explore and understand your online marketing strategy and see if it is measuring up to the competition but also to your own goals:

1.    Have a strategy with clear aims and goals

The best place to start with online marketing is to have a real and meaningful strategy. This needn’t be a complex 40 page document but a simple outline of what you want to achieve, when you want to achieve it, what methodologies you will use to get there and how much you are willing to invest in each element for the strategy to be successful. It’s also key for your whole staff base to have an understanding of the basic aims of the strategy as it is fed in to from every part of the company.

2.    Know your customer base and your customer destination

Whether you’re an established company or a new start-up business, it is essential to really know your customer base – who currently use your products and services – and your customer destination – where are the customers who currently do not use your online services or your products. Invest some time and energy in to understanding the full demographic of your customers, age, location, gender and average spend are just some of the ways you can stratify this. You may find that your development solutions such as Magento Enterprise offer helpful method to assist you in doing this. But any business CRM system can also allow you to do some interesting research. So why is this important? It helps you to tailor and shape your online marketing platforms to support the customers who use it and attract the people you need to.

3.    Embrace social media

Don’t be scared of using new and upcoming social media tactics to distribute your marketing messages to a wider audience. Whether you use Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus to widen your market access; they can all offer you more than just extended membership – you can use these powerful mediums to offer discounts, secure loyalty, pitch new products and access younger audiences.

4.    Monitor and measure

If you want to know how your online marketing strategy measures up to the competition; you firstly need to know who your competition is and what they offer. What is the benchmark, how successful are their websites, how big is they social media network and what tools and methods do they currently use. This can help you measure against them. But in addition to this, you need to monitor your own performance and measure it against your own aims and goals identified in your marketing strategy. Monitoring your performance could include looking at your online sale rates, your website hits or your social media network size.

These tips are a great starting point for keeping a good basic eye on your online marketing strategy and its success. Keep it simple and effective and it’s enough to really see your online profits grow.

Posted on 11 Feb 2014