How to use Pay Per Click (PPC) to elevate brand awareness

Whilst pay per click, or PPC is not a new phenomenon by any means, really understanding what it can mean for small to medium sized businesses is an area that is seeing some growth. It also can seem somewhat of a minefield for many who are new to the ecommerce or search engine optimisation. That’s why we’re giving a little explanatory space on our blog this week to tell you all a bit about the benefits of PPC but most importantly how it can be used to elevate brand awareness for your company.

PPC is pretty much just that – you pay per click that search engine users makes on your link via the list of PPC results. Google’s AdWords is the most common PPC advertising system in the world right now so we will use this as a reference point. When you search for a term or set of keywords a list of search engine results will inevitably appear on your screen. At the top of the list will be a set of entries in a shaded box. These have been optimised through the pay per click system. Companies make bids on keywords of up to any chosen amount. Google uses the knowledge regarding this bid amount plus your quality score (made up of your click through rate, quality of landing page and relevance of search term to produce an ad ranking. This happens in between the time it takes for the user to press enter on a search term and an entry appearing on the screen. If your bid is successful your entry appears on top. Every time the user clicks on your entry you have to pay an amount that is worked out using your quality score and the ad rank of the person below you. These clicks can be very lucrative for businesses who will see traffic increase to their site and improved conversion rates as well as for customers who get results that are relevant to their search terms and for Google who obtain revenue through it.

There has been a lot of speculation as to why trying to elevate brand awareness with PPC is defunct as you should not need to pay for the keywords of your brand which you use anyway. After all your entry is likely to be positioned quite highly when your brand search terms are used. But this is not always the case. There is some very clear evidence to suggest that bidding on your brand terms helps secure your brand to your company. After all, any company can bid on your brand name or core products or slogans. If they are successful they will be positioned higher up on the list than your own company irrespective of their link directly to your business.

Also it pays to have your brand and your company linked to it positioned well on a search engine results list as that will of course mean more traffic to your site and more sales. The cost per click is minimal in comparison to the potential revenue you could make through it.

So ultimately using PPC to elevate brand awareness can:

• avoid your brand terms appearing for your competitors
• dominate the search results for your brand
• produce more results and more sales directed to you

That’s why we reckon it would be a small investment with a well proportioned return rate that makes it a most compelling way to market your brand online.

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