Planning to make a New Website: What Does Success Look Like?

You may be entering the world of web development for the very first time; or indeed you may be looking to replace your existing website with an overhauled look. Whatever your reason for making a new website, you ought to be thinking about what you want the end result to look like long before you actually get there. So this week, we’re combining our web design expertise with our business acumen to give you some pointers on how to make sure your new website results in being as successful as you hoped it would.

Business web design will always be successful if you treat it like any other core aspect of your business, or indeed like any other business development project. The key aspects to this are to plan, prepare, understand your aims and objectives, consider your budget and keep the consumer in mind. It sounds simple doesn’t it? After all, you wouldn’t invest in a new product line without doing the above would you? You wouldn’t restructure a service without doing it and you wouldn’t relocate your business premises without doing it. So why would you not do this for business web design.
Plan – it sounds like common sense and it many ways it is, but to plan is to put pen to paper to think through what you need to do, how you will do it, who will manage it and when you want it completed by. Think about all of the business nuances and potential set backs that may affect your web design project and if you have a web development company in mind ensure they are aware of this.

Prepare – having the right resources and people available to see through your web design project is essential. Do your homework and find the best web design experts (we can strongly recommend one!). If your existing site will be down whilst the new one is being built, then what impact will this have? If you’re going to have to take time out of existing projects to dedicate to this then how will you make contingencies for this?

Understand your aims – this is one step that we cannot stress strongly enough. Before you even contact a web design expert, ensure that you as a business – who live and breathe your business –set your aims, goals and vision for the website. Key questions to ask yourself are why do you want a site? What will you gain from it? And be specific, if you want 30% more traffic to your site than keep that in mind when looking at SEO or usage of social media. If you want to increase sales, then focus your attention on eliminating cart abandonment.

Consider your budget – it’s easy to get carried away with fancy designs and designers and adding on functionality or widgets that do extravagant things. But sometimes keeping it simple and relevant is just as important – especially when managing your budget. It’s not difficult to find affordable web design. Here at Vital concept we have a whole host of options to ensure you get an affordable web design project.

Keep the consumer in mind – throughout the entire process, you simply must keep the consumer in mind. Who will be visiting your site, what demographics, what would they want to see and how do they want to interact with you. Have a good understanding of this customer insight from the beginning and with every step of web design, keep referring back to it.

We think that if you follow this guideline, success of your web site will look exactly how you intended to, because a successful end result is what you have been preparing for all along.

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