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Quick and Easy Steps to Improve your Search Results in Magento

When you’re busy setting up an online store for the first time, you may think it is as simple as setting up all the products and services you sell in one simple catalogue. While this is, of course, part of the battle – you’re also going to need to predict more or less what people are going to be searching for on-site. Thankfully, Magento allows you to cope with this rather easily – and as experts in Magento development London firms rely upon, we are always more than happy to offer tips and advice along the way.

As anyone specialised in online marketing London and beyond will advise you, you’re going to need to be somewhat psychic if you want to appeal to your ideal audience. On-site, your search queries are not only going to need to redirect exact terms to certain products and services, but you are also going to need to tie-in related search queries and keywords. Magento, thankfully, makes this extremely easy indeed. Simply set up a redirect – while you can’t predict what all of your users are searching for, by looking at popular searches on your site that lead to no associated pages, you will do well to implement a redirect to a page that fits suggested items or similar categories. We, of course, can help you with this!

You should also consider implementing a magento search filter  as part of your ecommerce design. This means giving more power to your visitors – and a few minutes on improve magento search function will allow you to place considerably more control in your shoppers’ hands. Reductive navigation enables visitors to narrow down their searches – meaning that they will be more likely to go away with a positive shopping experience even if they can’t find exactly what they are looking for. As designers and coders who have been working in Magento development London and elsewhere for considerable years, you can trust us on this.

Online marketing London and beyond can require a little clairvoyancy – but Magento, thankfully, makes much of the search guesswork possible.

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