Reduce Marketing Costs By Optimising Strategies

It’s safe to say that marketing and advertising costs money – often far too much!  So how to reduce marketing costs? This means that the way in which we advertise and market our businesses and brands need to become a whole lot smarter.  This doesn’t mean just in terms of the money we spend, but also in terms of what we offer to customers.  Could there be a way to encourage more people to visit our websites and to buy from our online stores without having to spend more on advertising?  There’s more than one way – thankfully – and it’s all down to careful ecommerce website design.

In the current online climate, one of the best ways to market without additional expenditure is to focus on the user experience.  Search Engine Optimisation has now changed to the extent where Google now gives preferential listing in search results to websites who offer genuinely engaging and useful content, and to those who appeal to mobile users.  This means that, before wasting money on additional advertising space, you may want to take a further look at just how effective and useable your website is, particularly for mobile users.  By providing fluid access to mobile browsers you can ensure that Google will pick up you with more gusto and those visitors will likely return to you for more down the line.  This is the goal, after all!

It’s also worthwhile checking how many people abandon checkout if you run an ecommerce site.  Factors that may contribute to people abandoning sales at the last minute could include hidden fees, shipping costs and even problems with your website.  Advanced reporting will be able to show you exactly how people feel when they get to that final basket – meaning that money and time could be better spent fixing up your website than splashing out on additional b2b marketing or public-facing adverts.

Consider email marketing – while the newsletter and the email list can be seen as a bit of a throwback to early ecommerce, it’s still an effective form of public engagement.  Email lists remind people that you exist – and you have permission from them to advertise directly to them via their personal inbox!  Splash pages that encourage email newsletter sign-ups, however, are set to change with further Google algorithm changes – so stay tuned on the best ways to engage your customers in this method.

Customer engagement and advertising doesn’t always need to be tackled with new adverts and more money spent on extravagant campaigns.  Oftentimes, the best way to target more people is to tighten up what you already have.  Is your website appealing to as many people as it could?  Are you offering the best possible website for Google to optimise?  Is it easy to use?  Ask yourself these questions – and consider the strategies you need to optimise and focus on before plunging into a potentially costly new marketing campaign.

VitalConcept can help to overhaul your online presence – from ecommerce website development to b2b marketing and more besides.  Call us today or email for more information – and we’ll bring your web design to the mobile generation in no time at all.

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