Why is it important to have a responsive WordPress website design for mobile users?

Gone are the days when accessing content on the web is saved for the moments where you are seated at a fixed PC at home or work. The internet is mobile, it’s constant and it’s getting more and more so. Simultaneously, the demand for website access ‘on the go’ is getting increasingly higher, and people’s expectations of quality have equally risen with it. So ensuring that your WordPress Development is ready and usable for this growing population of mobile consumers of the internet is so very important. That’s why this week we’re exploring why we think it’s important to have a responsive wordpress web design.

 responsive WordPress website design for mobile users

So what is a responsive website? Quite simply it is a website that is configured to be usable in mobile formats, i.e. on mobile Apple and Android units such as phones, tablets, netbooks and iPads. Any site that uses WordPress web design can easily be further developed to be responsive for mobile users. This is done through the use of responsive WordPress themesthat are readily available. These themes are fluid themes that have distinct functions which adapt to the hardware being used, such as adjusting to the screen size, offering alternative homepages for mobile devices, slider functions for ease of handheld usage and variable layout options. Essentially these themes are developed using a flexible foundation using a fluid grid system, making the theme more adaptive. There are hundreds of responsive WordPress themes to choose from that are affordable and relatively easy to use.

Still not convinced? Well, here are our top 3 reasons why we think having a responsive WordPress website is important.

1. Improve the user experience – with so many people accessing websites via their mobile devices whether you have your site ready for this or not, your current customers will try to access it via their device initially. If the experience they have is poor because your website is not compatible enough with their device, it will leave a bad taste in their mouth. It may mean they abandon the purchase or process they were about to make, it may mean they don’t try to use your site for mobile tasks again or it may even compel them to stop using your service and site altogether. After all, a clear, succinct and user friendly website experience breeds confidence for the consumer in the safety and trust of your site and your business.

2. Increase your demographic – by making your website mobile responsive you are increasing the potential size of your customer demographic. We probably spend more time on the go, in transit, commuting or travelling than we do at the comfort of our home PC – so do your consumers. So by making your website more accessible to mobile consumers you are broadening your reach. What is more, mobile device users are very likely to be the younger ‘gadget-loving’ generation or the busy city worker who needs to be connected on the go. So having a responsive website means you can access whole new swathes of consumer groups.

3. Increase your sales – possibly the most important reason! By broadening your customer base and extending the usability of your business site, ultimately you are providing the potential to make more sales. This can only be achieved when your mobile site is user friendly, safe and trustworthy, so that people feel comfortable in not only makes purchases via their mobile device but also returning again and recommending you to others.
So why wait any longer… it’s time to get responsive!

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