Should you follow the flat design trend, too?

It’s no surprise that Flat Design has made an impact in web design and influenced many websites and apps. With many big companies taking upon this style for their own websites, such as Google, Microsoft and let’s not forget about Apple’s iOS10 update, it’s no wonder that many are trying to jump on the bandwagon. Whether it is right for you and your website is something that needs to be considered before you hop aboard this trend for your Business Web Design.

Flat Design can offer you many benefits, especially if done correctly; it can create a striking design that will leave a lasting impression on people. Taking away all the elements that we have seen with Skeuomorphism design, Flat Design takes the back to basic approach with a 2D aesthetic. Instead of focusing on embellishments (drop shadows, gradients and 3D aspects), Flat Design focuses more on bright colours and bold typography, with simple shapes and simple icons to create a minimal aesthetically pleasing website. This minimalist and clean approach to a website allows you to focus more on the content of your website rather than design. Often they provide enhanced usability as flat design layouts usually offer minimal layouts that are clear and easy to use for the user. Other benefits you get from this trend, is that it allows your website to translate well across all platforms. Making your website mobile responsive is an important thing to think about when coming up with your Affordable Web Design, and Flat Design allows this to be done easily as colour and text is easier to scale down than embellished designs.

However, Flat Design does have its negatives if not done correctly. One of the problems with Flat Design is that you are trying to create a clean minimalist design, but with that you get some designs that remove all user guides and suggestions. This creates lack of usability and leaves your users baffled at what is a button and how to navigate your website. With its recent popularity in the world of web, you need to figure out if it’s right for your website and goes with your brand. Flat Design has become overused and websites have begun to mimic each other, with the same peachy red, green and purple being used over and over.

So if you feel that Flat Design is a trend that your website will benefit from, you need to take in consideration your business brand and design, and make something unique to your business. And although you might get swept up with the minimalist style and begin to create a clean bare website, you’ll need to make sure you need to reel yourself in and ensure that user usability comes first when creating your website.

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