Even the smallest change can increase your sales

If you’re an ecommerce business, either established or newly emerging, you can quickly find yourself in a bit of a lull. Once the site is up and running with a fairly steady flow of custom running through it, it’s tempting to see it as workable and leave it to its own devices. But like any element of your business, it needs a bit of nurturing and maintenance to keep it working well but also to maximise it’s potential. And whilst it may feel as though major upgrading or renovating of your ecommerce website design is an expensive and time consuming activity that you have to plan for, it’s actually simpler than you think with the right web development support – from a friendly and cheap ecommerce web design expert. So we, your resident friendly experts are offering some free advice – sharing our secrets on a few small and inexpensive changes that you can make to your site to increase your sales.

Check out your check out : That’s right, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. A huge proportion of online purchasers abandon their basket at the check out or just before and surveys show that one of the main reasons for this is the check out process itself. So give it a go, be your own customer and test out your check out process. If it’s clunky, too many clicks, slow or even has a few spelling or grammar errors, your customers are likely to lose trust and confidence in your site and abandon the basket as they feel entering their card details would be a risk.

Go social! : We cannot stress the important place that social media holds in today’s society. And trust us it isn’t all dominated by 13 year olds sharing pictures of their new trainers – its used across generations, so offers a huge wealth of customer bases that you could access. Whether it’s holding Facebook competitions or Tweeting your new offers and promotions social media is free to set up and a quick way to access new crowds quickly.

Get feedback : Use your site to obtain feedback from your customers. Either through a online quick survey or through automated email surveys following a purchase, or just after a purchase is made on the site itself. Ask a few selective questions about their options and choices as well as how to improve. And whilst you could offer a minimal discount incentive, it’s largely free advice that will help you make small further changes that bring in more custom and increase your sales.

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