Social Media Marketing Tips To Boost Business During Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the business year! With the big day fast approaching, you have a few weeks to make the most out of the impact of how the Christmas sale season affects your business. Social media is the perfect platform to reach out to current and potential customers quickly and effectively. That’s why we have a few great tips to help maximise your business sales through the effective usage of social media. Whatever the size or scale of your business; we’re certain there’s something here to help.

happy man in blue suit with santa hat

1. Treat your Christmas social media interaction like an advent calendar

It’s absolutely vital that you reach out to your followers on a daily basis in the run up to Christmas. A daily Facebook post is sufficient to keep them abreast of products, coupons and deals – but you do have to be on the ball and responsive to the messages and posts left by your followers – failing to do so can be detrimental for your online reputation.

If you Tweet, be active with it and do so 2-3 times a day. Some businesses even use Twitter as a forum for quick response customer support. Pinboards are a fantastic way to showcase Christmas specials and products. Google+ is a brilliant forum for sharing newsflash messages to your customers – even better if you use Google+ publisher for your search engine results!

2. Facebook – your social media One-Stop-Xmas-Shop

If there’s one thing people have little in this season, it’s time. So help your customers better use their online browsing time by integrating all your company social media profiles with your Facebook page. Your Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube pages can all be linked to your Facebook and allows your visitors to browse them all through the one channel. Genius!

3. Use the promotional power of the Hash tag

The impact of a custom hash tag is not be underestimated, for tweeting about your sales, discounts or Christmas special offers. Something like #christmas at [insert business name] is a great start and coupling it with a generic hash tag such as #Christmas helps to pull through the visibility and reach you need. But don’t forget, these tweets need the sweetener of an awesome deal to make them viable.

4. Use style as much as substance

Decking the halls should not be restricted to your physical environment – it’s important to visually update your social media environment too – it makes a much better impact and impression. Choose a great Christmas cover image design on your Facebook page, add a festive Twitter skin and select a seasonal banner for your Google+ and YouTube sites. Remember, keep it professional and styled well rather than gaudy and visually busy and your have the perfect mood for the Christmas shopper to scour your sales.

5. Christmas advertising is money well spent

Word of mouth and customer loyalty is a marvelous thing, but when complemented with a well thought-out advertising campaign your customer reach is instantly multiplied. Christmas really is the perfect time for advertising campaigns, because customers are actively on the search for the best deals available. Social media adverts are one the best ways to promote your offers. Facebook Ads, Promoted Tweets, Promotional Pins and Google AdWords are some of the brilliant ways available. The web is full of excellent advice on how to use social media ads if you need a little assistance

6. Plan and Prepare a Christmas Campaign

This is a great way to build up the excitement and tension in the run up to Christmas. A social media campaign that promotes your products and services planned in advance can run over the festive period and generate tonnes on interest and throughput. If you haven’t prepared one – fear not – it’s not too late to set up a Facebook contest for Christmas Photos, Captions or a Christmas raffle. There is plenty of helpful advice and ready-to-install Facebook apps built specially for these purposes.

Posted on 06 Dec 2013