How much should you really be spending on your start-up website?

You’re new to the web game, eh? Brimming with ideas and not the know how to put them in to action? Well, we would encourage you to think big but spend small – to start with at least. Testing the waters is always wiser than drowning in a vast tsunami of web design complexities and expenses.

But affordable website design does not have to mean low quality. Here at Vital concept we pride ourselves on our high quality, stunning web design solutions using the height of innovative design techniques but at the very definition of affordability. We would advise that for a start-up brochure site – simply who you are and what you do – you shouldn’t be spending more than £500. For an e-Commerce website you’ll be looking at anything up to £3000. But it’s not the cost itself you should be focusing on; you should be looking at your spending as a percentage of your marketing budget. Planning your website design as part of your overall business planning is key. As a small business web design should be an investment not an expense; and we have the right ideas and knowledge to ensure that with us, you’re investing wisely.

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