The Shift from Mobile-Friendly to Mobile-First Strategy

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for quite some time, it is obvious to see that mobile browsing is on the up and up. It goes without saying that more of us are browsing the internet and searching through our phones and tablets more than ever. This means that websites have largely had to pick up the pace when it comes to ensuring that their content is not only prime for mobile viewing and access, but that their sites are effectively optimised for mobile first – and not second.

Mobile browsing is becoming the standard – or the status quo, if you will. This means that, while desktop and laptop browsing will have been the standard years ago, it is now widely accepted that people browse and search more on their phones and tablets than they do sat at their desks. This means that even the biggest websites around have had to make sure that they are focusing on portable browsing first. While many of us are still using PCs and laptops to browse as standard, there are many more making up the bulk of Google search and beyond who are taking to their phones, first and foremost.

This mobile-first mentality that web designers are keen to push ahead with is ensuring that devices of the future will always be ready to view existing websites and content. It ensures, effectively, that existing web content is futureproofed – and it also ensures that a healthy focus is placed on mobile browsing as the standard, as opposed to the alternative. It means that mobile users can now safely browse and enjoy their favourite websites without having to worry about losing out on functionality along the way.

It is healthy for websites and web designers to focus on mobile-first as opposed to mobile-friendly. We are no longer living in a world where this type of browsing is niche. We are living in a world where you, as well as everyone else, needs to be ready to move to a more portable alternative. This means that even the longest-standing of websites need to be thinking clearly about pushing mobile optimisation to the fore.

Here at Vital Concept, we understand that there is more than enough reason for websites to need to focus on mobile-first as opposed to mobile-friendly. We’ll not only show you the tricks of the trade – we’ll make them work for you, too.

Posted on 11 Jan 2018