Is It Time to Adopt a Responsive Website?

The world of online access is moving, literally, it’s on the move. Mobile, fluid, transient and on the go; online access has never been so easy to access and flexibility of use has never been so highly in demand. Think about it, we as customers want to access everything all the time, whether it is travel news, airline tickets or the local supermarket – and your customers are no different. That’s why as a business with an online presence it’s absolutely vital that you move on from the static or stationary online presence of your full website. Going mobile and making your website responsive is an absolute must for any business, especially an ecommerce business. Today’s mobile technology is not just limited to laptops but new generation phones and tablets are in abundance and users are utilizing them to browse, compare, research and yes, purchase products and services around the clock. So by not making your website responsive to mobile devices you are not only limiting the audience that your site and products gets, but also the purchasing power of these mobile customers. A full website does of course work on mobile technology, but the platform on which it is built generally limits the level of flexibility so the functionality can be stilted or even limited when viewed on a smaller screen or a touch screen. So using a fluid responsive platform like the ones WordPress Development offer can help to make your site accessible to whole new generation of online customers. A poorly compatible site can put customers off, and whilst a proportion of them may resort to only accessing your site via their PCs, a significant proportion will lose interest and trust in your site and move to a competitor who does offer the same service with mobile accessibility.

And whilst it may sound like a complicated and technical change that could be expensive for your marketing and development budget, the investment isn’t as high as you think and the return on that investment far outweighs any costs. Plus the difficulty is minimal, especially is you use a professional website design company like us to help you along. It’s quick and simple, and of course we offer cheap website design without compromising on quality. So you can quickly be offering your products and services to a whole new raft of online customers who are on the go.

Posted on 14 May 2014