Top 10 Local SEO Strategies for Small Business

Anyone with more than a little knowledge in search engine optimization will tell you that business web design is dependent upon making sure that Google allows you to be found easily in their search listings.  One of the best ways to get found as a small business is to focus on local SEO – and here are our top ten strategies for making sure you get the balance perfect every time.

1. Get Listed

Are you listed as a local business in all the major search engine directories?  Upload yourself to Google and Bing at the very least and you’re already a step of the way to getting noticed more often by local searchers.

2. Get Reviewed

It’s been suggested that Google now pays attention to reviews and ratings for businesses as part of its latest algorithm and search engine optimization focus, meaning that you could do worse than encourage your happy customers to leave you encouraging feedback to entice future buyers and even the search engine itself.

3. Let the World Know Where You Are

Local SEO starts at the entry level of business web design – your own content.  Make sure your address and contact information is clearly visible and easy to find.

4. Use Local Keywords

Search engine optimization lives and breathes keywords and keyword phrases, meaning that the difference between ‘expert shoemakers’ and ‘expert shoemakers in Dorset’ may be worth making.

5. Pay Attention to Pigeon

Pigeon is one of Google’s many algorithm updates, and it’ll do you no harm at all to ensure that your website complies with Google’s guidelines for local SEO for small business.

6. Blog Regularly

As with any search engine optimization, blogging really helps to encourage your key audience as it lets them know you’re active – and with a focus on local keywords and phrases, you can be sure that your business web design stays at the top of the local SEO game.

7. Go Social

Social media plays a huge part in current social media optimization, and with your ability to tie a page to your local business, connecting social media profiles to your brand will allow Google to index your website even easier.

8. Mobile Optimization

Google’s most recent algorithm updates ensure that websites who have enabled responsive design or have introduced alternate mobile versions of their pages will be favoured greatly – meaning that, in line with local search engine optimisation, you can make your visitors’ lives even easier once they’ve found you!

9. Focus Locally

The more you discuss local events or connect and network with local businesses, the more you’ll appear in local search results – it’s that simple – keep your neighbours close and you’ll find this side of search engine optimization a breeze.

10. Get Snapping

When you’re searching, it’s likely that you’ll find results with images and photographs more appealing – meaning that embellishing your business web design with a few local photos will enhance your click rate when you appear in Google’s search results.

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