Video Marketing in 2018: Trends and Tools for Success

Digital marketing has never been more focused upon visual content – specifically, videos. YouTube has grown to become a behemoth in entertainment and in education, meaning that while the video-sharing platform may well be focused on entertaining through its various personalities and partnered channels, more and more brands are using the service – and video marketing in general – to meet a whole new audience in a way that was perhaps unheard of only a few years ago.

Video is a massive deal. So much so that this type of content, along with photo-sharing, is largely changing the face of social media. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are still important for businesses and their digital marketing agendas, however, you are going to need to consider diversifying your social technique if you wish to meet your maximum audience potential. Digital marketing is less focused on text now as it is on video content – and while both are incredibly important from a business marketing perspective, video marketing is only set to expand into 2018.

Facebook and YouTube are effectively facing off against each other on this basis, and it’s safe to say that the war has only just begun. Facebook has largely been the market leader in social networking for well over a decade – while YouTube has quietly crept up as the new entertainment and marketing standard for a generation of people who prefer to watch as opposed to read. It’s important, therefore, to consider how you can harness video functionality on both Facebook and YouTube – don’t ever pick one over the other!

Other social media behemoths such as the ever-growing Pinterest show off a hot market for video content that is yet to be fully tapped into. Allowing for quick sharing and saving of ideas and concepts, Pinterest video sharing is addictive and fun – and with the right, concise approach, you could tap into a market which – though thought to be largely female – is only set to diversify further.

Finally, consider SnapChat and Instagram – their ‘stories’ feature, which essentially act as visual status updates, are hot property right now. There will be movements to compete against these standards in the years to come, and it makes sense now for your business to start tapping into the concept of micro-videos and sharing visual stories. Not to worry – as Vital Concept will always be on hand to show you how!

Posted on 23 Feb 2018