Vital Concept Ecommerce Customers See Online Sales Increase by 40% in 2013

Sometimes it’s difficult to measure the impact of taking a new approach to something, but sometimes the impact is so immensely tangible, that it warrants being explored and promoted. That’s why we’ve decided to share with you the five best ways in which our Ecommerce customers this year have seen their online sales increase by anything up to 40%. With these simple but hugely effective snippets of advice you can be sure that when implemented your 2014 sales can benefit from the very same impact.

side view of three dimentional profit graph


1. Ensure the basics are on a solid foundation

The key to a successful eCommerce online presence is ensuring that the very basics of your website are robust. Good structure, simple flow, effective use of space, colour and visual effects make for a sublime user experience, but when coupled with precise and useful content and effective functionality. A good web developer can take you through the basics and ensure that your site is on a platform that is strong enough to develop and grow as your business does.

2. Develop your eCommerce site with the consumer in mind

There are many aspects of an ecommerce website design that require attention to detail especially from the customer perspective; and the item browse-select-pay process is the most crucial one. There are some excellent tools and functions that we have been strongly recommending to our eCommerce customers using a Magento development platform this year. Ensure you have the right functions in place to support the product display and menu options as well basket management, check out, payment and invoicing processes. Making this processes slick and effective engenders trust and confidence in you professionalism as an eCommerce business and ensures return custom.

3. Optimise those searches

The benefits of Search Engine Optimization cannot be underestimated. Almost every one of your competitors will have a web presence of some kind; so being ahead of the game and top of those Google searches is real fight to the finish. Ensuring you have a strong web development and support company like Vital Concept will help you through optimizing those key search terms that will attract your potential customers directly to your virtual door.

4. Get the most of your Google+

Those geniuses at Google have been developing their content management functions through their social network Google+ in the form of Google Author and Google Publisher. We’ve seen our customers’ profile and reach grow wider from using these brilliant tools. The former is a way of linking your individual content to your Google+ profile; so that visitors can see the other relevant content you have linked to your account. The latter is a way of linking your established company web pages to a Google search of your company. Both of these offer a prioritized and optimized result when users Google your search terms.

5. Get social

There’s no simpler way to give you our TOP tip for 2013 – use your social networks to their fullest. They may seem alien or frightful to some; but in reality they are quick, simple and have an enormous reach that is pretty unrivaled. Whether it is through Facebook apps, contents or likes, Tweets and twitter competitions or Pinterest for showcasing your product; the benefits are immense. A range of demographics can be accessed via the same network and you can use these networks to offer discounts, special deals, test or advertise new products and services as well as get a national if it global reaches. Importantly this huge impact is at a relatively minimal overhead cost. So what are you waiting for? Time to get your tweeting cap on!


Posted on 17 Dec 2013