How Vital Concept can help you boost your online conversions?

When you’ve developed your ecommerce website and have launched it ready for that influx of site visitors and customers, it’s not surprising or unusual to find that it doesn’t necessarily work that way. It takes a bit of effort and work, and probably some well sought advice and guidance from experts that offer web design London wide, like us here at Vital Concept. We’ve been developing sites for Magento ecommerce London businesses have been benefiting from for many years, and so can advise on the best ways to boost your online conversion rates.

When it comes to website marketing, London businesses have become acutely aware, and in no small part is this down to excellent web developers like us, of the need to take steps to increase conversion rates and to understand what your rate should be. It’s true that you’ll be hard pushed to get anything close to 100% rates, but also, it’s important not to sell yourself short by expecting nothing more than 5%. Only 5 years ago the average conversion rate was 15-20%. So try to aim high.  And here’s some tips to take you on your way.

Understand your audience
It’s easy to simply follow suit on what the big brands are doing, but your business is unique. So consider what is specific to your business and your audience. What does your online customer feed tell you about what their concerns and issues are?

Track your data
Try to track as many metrics behind your web activity as possible. From hits and visits, to sales, cart abandonment rates, add to cart rates or even product removal rates. This will really help to track improvements and activity that changes your conversion rates.

Keep your cart simple and clutter-free
It sounds like common sense and it is. When shoppers want a shopping experience they want it simple and quick and clear to use, with no fuss and clutter as this only creates room for doubt and lack of confidence to seep through – increasing the chance of abandonment. There’s a fine line between eye catching check outs and fussy processes that are hard to understand.

Customer feedback is key
We’ve mentioned using customer feedback to improve the checkout and purchase process, but it’s also important to let customer feedback affect the behavior of other customers; through endorsements and reviews. An updated customer review next to products and services really does have an impact as it encourages customers to feel safer with their purchase options.

Here at Vital Concept we’re full of advice and tips to help boost your online conversion rates. So contact our friendly, knowledgeable and helpful team today to see how we can turn your visits in to profits.

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