Pillars of Vital Concept’s WordPress Development

Our keen blog-readers will know that we at Vital Concept are pretty keen on singing the praises of WordPress web design and what it can offer customers. But whilst we recommend WordPress for many web development projects, we always recommend the support, advice and guidance from an expert source. Of course we are always on hand to be that expert source! When it comes to Work press development we have worked long and hard to finely tune our approach to WordPress development, so that our customers can not only be sure that the software we are using is sound, but that the way in which their WordPress web design project is delivered to them is just as reliable. That’s why this week we’re taking a bit of time to tell you about what we like to call ‘Vital Concept’s 5 pillars of WordPress development.’

1. Skills, knowledge and experience in our team

We are confident that our team of web developers is made up of skilled and trained professionals who have years of experience in using WordPress as well as other web developments software, so that they can offer you the best advice and options. What’s more our team is not only trained but as a company we insist on our own up skilling and upgrading of knowledge so that we stay at the cutting edge of change.

2. Trialing and testing

We are rigorous in our trialing and testing of development projects. We always take the time to understand our customer’s specification for the project and end result aims, but this alone cannot guarantee results. Trying and testing different solutions and options and checking functionality is what really hones the product to make the end result just right.

3. Technical tools

As an experienced set of web developers, throughout our years of project work, we have built up a reliable set of tools and techniques to help build sites quicker, more effectively or enable them to be more easily make bespoke for the customer. These scripts and snippets are constantly updated with the latest and most effective so that our customers can feel confident that they are getting an optimum result.

4. Project Management

It’s not all technical, sometimes it’s personal. We make sure that our approach to account management and project management is client-focused. We take the time to get to know our customer and their requirements before embarking on the project that will become our joint customer journey. That’s what makes us unique as web developers.

5. Self-evaluation and improvement

Lastly, and certainly not the least important, is our ethos on self-evaluation and improvement. With every project we will evaluate what has worked well and where we can improve as well as where we can gain more skill and knowledge – and share this knowledge across the team. Continually learning and developing is what keeps our team on top of their game and happy. And a happy team means happy customers!

These combine to make the fundamental foundation on which your WordPress website design is delivered to you. That’s why we’re confident that a Vital Concept WordPress development project is one that you can firmly rely on.

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