Web Design for Finsol Tax Advisors

No two websites are the same, and as such, no two website design platforms are the same either.  Here at Vital Concept our team is versed in a large number of web design and creation platforms to help bring our customers’ businesses to the internet with style, functionality and above all the right marketing techniques.  Some websites may opt for Magneto development, while many opt for WordPress development.  Being a WordPress developer is only so simple once you know where you’re going – and while using the platform can be fairly straightforward once you know the directions, getting set up can be fairly complex.

We have recently created a fantastic new look via WordPress development for FinSol Tax Advisors, who approached us with a request for a sleek, easy-to-use and friendly website that at the same time maintains a look of professionalism and ensures that visitors know that they are a firm that can be trusted.  FinSol’s numerous advisory services allowed for us to create a multi-faceted, multi-paged platform, with an emphasis on cheerful and attractive graphics, while retaining neutral colours that blended well with the company logo and ethos.  As a WordPress developer on the project, our team was able to create a number of great-looking tools and ‘widgets’ to help increase functionality across the site.

accountancy firm web design

Upon arriving at the website you will be drawn to an attractive and neutral horizontal navigation bar, which provides visitors with an instant map of all the services and features that FinSol offers through their website.  Through this navigational pane visitors can also see how to easily contact for support, which areas the firm covers as specialities, and how to find out more information.  We believed that an accountancy firm would need to appear friendly and stress-free from the first impression onwards, and with WordPress development we created a relatively simple website which provides easy access to anyone who may be concerned about financial affairs.  Working as a WordPress developer on a website requires aesthetic knowledge as much as a working knowledge of web design, meaning that our team were an ideal match for this particular client.

FinSol’s WordPress page is easy on the eye and is visual-heavy, leaving very little to read on first viewing.  If visitors wish to find more information, they are able to do thanks to ease of navigation.  Their content is primed for SEO, meaning that Google will also be able to pick up on their page and list them higher than many of their competitors.  WordPress development doesn’t have to be complex, but the work of a WordPress developer should not always be shouldered alone.  Vital Concept can take on a website commission and create a superb, effective website using the WordPress platform efficiently and at a competitive rate, meaning that you will not only benefit from a great-looking and easy-to-use web presence, but that you will also find our services cost-effective in the long term.  If you’re interested in using WordPress as the base for your website design, why not contact us today to discuss your project?

Posted on 31 Mar 2016