Web Design: 10 Hottest Trends to Watch Out For!

When it comes to the world of web design, there is almost a constant whirlwind of change buzzing around us in bursts of innovation. Here’s a quick countdown to what we believe to be the top 10 out there at the moment:


Fixed Header Bars

Although this has been around for a fair while, the fixed header bar at the top of your web page is growing from strength to strength. Having a constant identity band at the top of the screen retains your brand and image and gives a handy shortcut for navigating back to the homepage or search functions. The other great thing is their versatility – they can work on practically any website, from social media, to blogs and company websites. Stapling the bar to your website is simple to do, using the CSS position: fixed; property.


This one is a great trend for photography lovers everywhere. A growing trend on all kinds of websites currently is the oversized photographic background. It really is a perfect way to grab attention and make your site professional and memorable when done tastefully. You need to be careful to select a clean and crisp design and not too busy or distracting. However, when it comes to showcasing products and services; it can illuminate a brand in an incredibly edgy way.


Keeping it clean, crisp and confident – your website that is. And when it comes to selling on the net – the largest forum for accessing the market – your website landing page is the virtual doorway to your products and services. The newest trend in landing pages is the minimalist way – drawing the visitor’s attention quickly and simply to the core product on display. When executed carefully, the minimalist landing page can have a sophisticated edge – as long as the icons and pictographic content are slick and clean. We recommend taking a peek at the beautiful vector resources on display from PictoPro.


You’ve seen them everywhere from brick walls to bus stops to billboards and everywhere in between. These black and white beauties have been on the scene for a while, but are most certainly seeing an upsurge in usage. These Quick Response Codes; broadly based on the older UPC barcodes are fantastic for easy access to your other electronic data resources. Having them embedded in your web design in an excellent way to allow data transmission using smart phones and gadgets.


This brilliant technique is a budding design phenomenon that some well-known sites have been adopting for a while now, the most prominent being the ever-growing Pinterest. It’s simple a loafing technique that keeps loading content ad you scroll down – so pagination becomes a thing of the past. Excellent for gallery-based content or product thumbnails, this technique gives a seamless and continuous user experience.


This trend is a brilliantly dynamic way of embedding slide presentations and demo videos in to your webpage. In essence it works by having the top section of your web page rotating between your slides; which can act as great information and instruction pages for your products or services.


A nifty trend currently making waves is an interesting use of big, rich text that spatially fills your web page. Not to the taste of every web developer, but for some marketing techniques, this vintage Art Deco-esque feels clean, classy and visually effective!


CSS3 Animations

This is definitely one trend that has not only grown in a short space of time but has room and scope to further develop, are the CSS dynamic effects that the CSS3 ‘transition’ property and its related browser prefixes offer. They are as effective as JavaScript and help to animate effects on the page. Whether it is animated techniques for alerting your users to your cookie policies, downloading and media player instructions or simply a fun hover technique; these animations can be great to play around with.


A lot of the current wordpress website design trends are about grabbing the user’s attention and keeping it. This is where the fresh and innovative use of detailed illustrations on webpages can be very effective. They can create different moods, showcase different products and illuminate your brand in slick and playful way – as long as the right illustrations or designer is used for the process.


Social Media Badges

Yep, this is our top trend that we think is simply un-ignorable. There is absolutely no doubt that the driving force provided by the impact of social networking and media is phenomenal and growing at an electric rate. So it stands to reason, that if you’ve brought in to social network connections for your business or service, you need to make these vital links to your web pages. It’s a simple but hugely effective viral marketing tool that cannot be underestimated in its effect. These beautifully blended and visually effective social media badges can be located in and around your site to link swiftly to your networks, blogs and social galleries at the click of a button. And it’s not just the Facebook and Twitter profiles out there that you can link to, but Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, RSS feeds or You Tube clips.

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