Our Quick Website Checklist for Your Online Store

All online stores are different – anyone working in ecommerce development London and elsewhere will be able to advise you of that – but, at the same time, there are a few things you need to make sure you do to be able to attract the right people and to convert them into regular shoppers. As experts in Magento web design London firms turn to for advice and support, we’ve set up the following quick online store checklist for you to make sure that your prospective new online store is sticking over with all of the bells and whistles it requires to succeed.

Highlight your best products

This is fairly straightforward – if you’ve done your research, or already know your trade, you’ll know what sells well and what doesn’t. Push your best products to the front page!

Consider engaging content

While many shoppers like to browse and buy on a rather speedy basis, a lack of detail is just poor business. Good, descriptive content is always advised – ask anyone working in ecommerce development London or beyond.

Use plenty of photos – good ones, too

Your visitors are going to want to see what they are buying – so lead with honest, high-quality photos that show off your best products.

Make things easy for your shoppers

Have your menus, shopping cart and contact details available at very short distance on your front page. User accessibility is becoming the main draw for Google these days – meaning that if you fail to offer a site which makes things easy on your visitors, you’re going to miss out on big sales. Trust us as experienced coders in Magento development London firms rely upon!

Further to this, don’t ignore the mobile boom

Many people will be shopping via phones and tablets and they will need a website that is easy to browse and to buy from. We therefore always recommend leading with a flexible site design that can easily adapt to all devices.

Take it from us as experts in ecommerce development London firms depend upon – we can help make your online store sell out!

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